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Hey y’all! Today I want to chat about the one and only Dorothy Bonvillion Jones.

As the wife and soulmate of the legendary George Jones for over 50 years, Dorothy lived an extraordinary country music love story.

She endured so much with grace and courage to support George’s artistry. Their turbulent yet unbreakable bond deserves to be celebrated.

So grab some sweet tea and let’s revisit Dorothy’s story of resilience!

Dorothy Bonvillion and George Jones at Nashville
Dorothy Bonvillion and George Jones at Nashville
Full NameDorothy Bonvillion Jones
Net WorthEstimated arround $35 million
SpouseGeorge Jones (m. 1957–1968, m. 1969–1983, m. 1983–2013)
ChildrenJeffrey Glenn Jones, Susan Vondereck, Tamala Georgette Jones
Date of BirthEstimated 1937
Place of BirthBelieved to be Louisiana, United States
Date of DeathMay 14, 2014
Place of DeathNashville, Tennessee, United States
Cause of DeathComplications of dementia
Resting PlaceWoodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee
OccupationHomemaker, George Jones’s manager
ParentsName unknown
SiblingsDetails unknown

Dorothy Bonvillion’s Biography

Early Life

Not a ton is known about Dorothy’s early days unfortunately. But records show this Louisiana lady was born in 1937. Her family later moved to Beaumont, Texas where Dorothy attended high school.

As a teenager in the 1950s, Dorothy fell in love with the raw emotional power of country music and honky tonk. The tales of hardships really resonated with her.

Dorothy Bonvillion and George Jones
Dorothy Bonvillion and George Jones

Fateful Meeting

In early 1957, destiny came calling when Dorothy met a handsome up-and-coming singer, George Jones, after his show at a Beaumont club. George had just released his first hit “Why Baby Why.”

Dorothy was instantly smitten by this passionate crooner. After declining her first date invitation, George finally gave in. Sparks immediately ignited their chemistry! Just weeks later, they decided to elope.

Becoming Mrs. Jones

On February 16, 1957, 19-year-old Dorothy became Mrs. George Jones. After a brief stay in Beaumont, the newlyweds moved to George’s hometown of Vidor, Texas.

As George’s career took off with songs like “White Lightning”, Dorothy supported his pursuits, despite long stretches on the road.

In 1958, they welcomed their first child, Jeffrey Glenn Jones. Two daughters followed – Susan in 1959 and Tamala in 1963.

While George toured honky tonks nationwide, Dorothy was home in Texas raising their babies. She took pride in supporting George’s rise to stardom, even if it meant sacrificing family time. Dorothy remained his number one fan through increasing chaos…

Coping with George’s Alcoholism

As George skyrocketed to fame in the 60s, his drinking and wandering ways intensified. He earned the nickname “No Show Jones” for missing concerts when on benders.

Dorothy endured George’s drunken rages and unpredictability with grace. She shielded their kids from the mess, providing a stable home life.

During a drunken spat in 1967, George even fired a bullet at Dorothy but luckily missed.

Despite the pain and turmoil, Dorothy divorced George in 1968 but remained supportive as his friend and manager.

They remarried in 1969 after he promised reform. Sadly, the alcohol demon still plagued George, leaving Dorothy constantly worrying each late night call meant the worst.

But she recognized George’s artistic genius beneath the alcoholism. Her resilience stemmed from faith in the kind man still inside George. Dorothy’s love was unbreakable.

George Jones – “You Comb Her Hair”

The Duet Years

Dorothy was instrumental in getting George briefly sober in the 1970s and pushed him to keep recording and touring.

At her urging, George agreed to collaborate on duet albums with Melba Montgomery and others.

Dorothy traveled with George again during these stable years. Having a reliable onstage partner also minimized George’s drinking.

The duets generated George’s biggest hits that decade, like “We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds.” Dorothy single-handedly revived his stalled career!


By 1980, George slipped back into alcoholism’s grip, causing Dorothy to reach her limit after 20+ years of chaos.

They divorced again in 1983 as George’s substance abuse turned deadly.

Heartbroken, Dorothy withdrew to focus on their now-adult kids.

She made the excruciating choice that separating was the only hope of saving George and herself.

But she kept alive a flicker of hope that redemption could come.

Dorothy Bonvillion and George Jones
Dorothy Bonvillion and George Jones

Dorothy Bonvillion’s Age and Physical Appearance

Now in the peak of George’s fame between the 60s-80s, Dorothy preferred privacy. But from the rare photos, we can see:

  • She had a petite frame around 5’2″
  • Dorothy’s dark hair was styled short or with bangs
  • She dressed simply and modestly in neutral tones
  • Dorothy had delicate features with a warm, genuine smile
  • Her eyes reflected kindness and resilience

Years of stress aged Dorothy prematurely. But her humble inner and outer beauty shone through. Most remembered her incredible kindness and moral strength.

Dorothy Bonvillion’s Relationship with George Jones

Tumultuous Love Story

Dorothy and George crafted country music’s most turbulent yet unbreakable bond.

From young impulsive love to weathering addiction for decades, they shared an incredible loyalty against all odds.

At its core, their union was that of best friends. Dorothy saw the good heart inside George despite the struggles.

Her unconditional support gave him the courage to go on. Likewise, Dorothy recognized George’s artistic brilliance. Their souls were intertwined.


Though married most of their lives, Dorothy and George lived together only about eight years total between tours and divorces.

However, Dorothy worked tirelessly to give their three kids a stable home.

She shielded them from George’s issues so they could flourish. Dorothy’s sacrifices enabled George to pursue his career despite the chaos.

Their children were sources of profound joy.


After finally embracing sobriety in the 1990s, George and Dorothy reconciled fully. George credited her faith and patience with “saving my life.”

Remarrying in 1995, their friendship was sweeter than ever after weathering so much.

Dorothy could at last enjoy stable home life with the real George – humble, gentle and ridiculously talented.

Their storybook ending was hard-earned after years of Dorothy’s inner strength and unconditional love.

Dorothy Bonvillion Infront of George Jones's photo
Dorothy Bonvillion infront of George Jones’s photo

Dorothy Bonvillion’s Later Years and Death

Life Together at Last

Sober George and Dorothy settled happily in Franklin, TN. She managed his thriving career revival as tours continued rolling in.

They gardened, cooked, and spent precious time with grandkids.

The pair even recorded sweet gospel duets like “I’ll Fly Away.”

After the storms, Dorothy finally had the marriage she always dreamed of – it reflected the power of her devotion.

Caring for George

When George fell critically ill in 2012, Dorothy stayed vigilantly by his hospital bedside until he recovered.

In George’s final years, she was unwavering in her care and love.

Dorothy filled each day with music, joy, and memories despite his health limitations. Holding his hand, Dorothy was with George when he passed away on April 26, 2013 – just as she had been for over 50 years.

George Jones
George Jones husband of Dorothy Bonvillion

Saying Goodbye

Just over a year later, Dorothy passed away from dementia complications at 77.

Mourners at her funeral noted it seemed Dorothy didn’t want to be separated from George for long.

She was laid to rest next to him at Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Nashville. Their headstone reads “Together Again” – a fitting goodbye to an enduring love.

And that’s the story of the incredible Dorothy Bonvillion Jones, folks! From her impossibly romantic beginnings with George to weathering the storms with him for decades, Dorothy lived an extraordinary country music love story.

Her resilience and loyalty helped give George the strength to finally beat his demons and realize his destiny as an artist.

George and Dorothy’s improbable love stands as an inspiration.

Their bond was unbreakable through it all.

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How did Dorothy Bonvillion and George Jones first meet?

Dorothy Bonvillion and George Jones met at a club in Beaumont, Texas in 1957 when Dorothy asked 21-year-old singer George Jones for a date after one of his shows. He eventually agreed, and they eloped just weeks later.

Why did Dorothy Bonvillion and George Jones divorce twice?

Yes, George’s severe alcoholism, infidelity, and erratic behavior during the 60s/70s drove Dorothy to divorce him in 1968 and again in 1983. However, she always stood by him as a friend.

What was Dorothy’s biggest influence on George’s life?

Dorothy continually forgave him and supported his musical gift. She pushed him to record duets and tour, which revived his stalled career amidst drinking problems. Dorothy never gave up on George getting sober.

How did Dorothy impact George’s music?

Dorothy was George’s biggest champion and inspired some of his best work. The duets she orchestrated with Melba Montgomery led to his comeback. Recording with Dorothy late in life brought George joy.

What positive effects did Dorothy have on George?

Dorothy’s fierce love and loyalty helped give George the courage to finally embrace sobriety in the 1990s after failed attempts. She gave him a stable home life and her friendship, which George credited with saving his life.

What is Dorothy Bonvillion’s net worth?

Dorothy Bonvillion maintained a modest net worth, though as George Jones’s longtime wife, she shared in some of his estate, estimated around $35 million at his death.

How old was Dorothy Bonvillion when she passed?

Dorothy Bonvillion Jones was 77 years old when she died in 2014.

Where is Dorothy Bonvillion now?

Dorothy Bonvillion passed away in 2014. She is buried next to George Jones at Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Nashville.

What was Dorothy Bonvillion doing career-wise?

Dorothy Bonvillion mainly focused on supporting George’s career and raising their family. She also managed his business affairs and some tour scheduling.

Is Dorothy Bonvillion still alive?

No, Dorothy Bonvillion Jones passed away on May 14, 2014, at the age of 77.

Did Dorothy and George divorce?

Yes, Dorothy and George divorced twice – in 1968 and 1983 – due to George’s severe alcoholism. But they remarried again both times during periods of his sobriety.

How many kids did Dorothy have with George?

Dorothy and George Jones had three children together – Jeffrey, Susan, and Tamala.

Did Dorothy win any major awards?

No, Dorothy shied away from the spotlight, so she did not win any major awards. She preferred staying out of the public eye.

What was Dorothy’s salary?

Dorothy’s salary is unknown, though as George’s wife, she was supported financially by his career earnings during their marriage.

Did Dorothy have a crush before George?

Nothing is known publicly about any crushes or relationships Dorothy had before meeting George Jones at age 19.

Who was Dorothy’s greatest love?

Without question, Dorothy’s greatest love was her husband George Jones. They shared an unbreakable bond that endured through extreme adversity.

Did Dorothy ever sing?

Yes, though not professionally. She sometimes sang backing vocals at George Jones’s shows earlier in their marriage. Later in life, Dorothy recorded a few duet gospel songs with George like “I’ll Fly Away.” But she did not pursue singing as a career.

What was Dorothy Bonvillion’s favorite song?

Dorothy Bonvillion’s favorite song was reportedly “He Stopped Loving Her Today” by George Jones. This 1980 hit is widely considered George’s best song ever. The lyrics about unending love despite loss resonated with Dorothy’s own devotion to George.

What music did Dorothy Bonvillion enjoy?

Dorothy Bonvillion loved classic country music, especially George Jones, of course! She helped inspire and influence many of his greatest hits. Dorothy also enjoyed gospel hymns which she would sing in church.

Did Dorothy Bonvillion write any songs?

There are no reports of Dorothy Bonvillion writing any songs. She did not have a public music career and preferred staying out of the spotlight.

What singer did Dorothy admire most?

Without a doubt, Dorothy’s favorite singer was her beloved husband George Jones. She once said he had “the greatest voice ever recorded.”

Did Dorothy perform on stage with George?

Occasionally in the early years Dorothy would join George on stage to sing harmony. But she stopped performing publicly as George’s drinking worsened and tours grew larger.

How did Dorothy Bonvillion and Tammy Wynette first start singing together?

Dorothy Bonvillion and Tammy Wynette grew up together in Alabama and both dreamed of becoming singers. When Tammy started getting noticed in the late 1960s, she would invite Dorothy to join her on stage when she toured through their home state to sing harmonies together.

What was it like hearing Dorothy Bonvillion and Tammy Wynette sing together?

Fans were amazed at how well their voices blended. The two friends had natural chemistry and could intuitively harmonize, creating a wonderful sound. Concert-goers saw their powerful musical connection during live shows.

Why did Dorothy eventually stop performing with Tammy?

As Tammy became tremendously popular in the early 70s, the demands of bigger venues and non-stop touring meant Dorothy was no longer able to join her on stage regularly. The logistics of Tammy’s career made it difficult for Dorothy to continue accompanying her old friend everywhere.

When did Dorothy Bonvillion’s daughter Susan Jones start singing with her mom?

Susan started joining her mom Dorothy on stage at a young age in the 1960s. Dorothy would let her talented daughter sing harmonies with her at local shows.

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