Privacy Policy

Yo! Welcome to, the site that respects your privacy above all else.

Real talk – we don’t wanna know your personal biz. You know, stuff like your name, email, phone number…none of that jazz. We don’t even wanna collect it!

Here’s our vibe: you should be able to kick back and enjoy our site without worrying we’re gathering your deets. Not cool, and not our style. Dig?

Now you might notice some cookies hanging around. Chillax, they only track basic website traffic – 100% anonymous. We use them to see how many homies like you are cruising through, feeling the vibe. Helps us make this place awesome for you!

If you ever have Q’s about our privacy policies, hit us up at [email protected]. We’re always down to chat!

One last FYI – we may update our privacy stuff periodically. Swing by anytime to scope the latest version.

Stay real out there!

Effective date: 11/07/2023