Caitlin Murphy’s Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Parents & TV show.

Let’s dish about the wildly talented Aussie actress Caitlin Murphy!

She shot to fame playing Ronny, the super funny Yellow Ranger on the iconic TV series Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

With her off-the-charts acting skills, gorgeous looks, and chilled-out charm, Caitlin has become a major Hollywood star over the last 10 years.

This stellar actress brings so much sass and humor to all her roles. We can’t get enough!

In this jam-packed article, we’ll reveal everything about Caitlin’s life and career – from her days as a Sydney schoolgirl to her life now as a jet-setting TV star.

We’ll uncover details on her background, family, age, relationships, and of course, how much bank this leading lady is worth!

By the end, you’ll feel like you know Caitlin so well, she could be your bestie! Grab the popcorn and let’s get digging into the fascinating story of the one and only Caitlin Murphy.

NameCaitlin Murphy
OccupationTV Actress
BirthdayAugust 2
Birth Year1986
Birth SignLeo
Place of BirthSydney
Home TownNew South Wales
Birth CountryAustralia
First NameCaitlin
Last NameMurphy
Net Worth$5.1 Million as of 2023
FatherNot Available
MotherNot Available
SiblingsNot Available
SpouseAlexander Bailey
Children(s)Not Available
Caitlin Murphy is an Australian actress best known for playing the role of Ronny Robinson, the witty and athletic Yellow Overdrive Ranger, in the popular TV series "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive."
Caitlin Murphy

Caitlin Murphy Biography

Early Life and Background in Sydney

Our homegirl Caitlin Murphy grew up in the awesome city of Sydney! She was a super energetic kid who was always putting on shows for her family.

Little Caitlin was clearly bit by the acting bug early on!

In school, she starred in all the school plays and totally rocked it. By 16, Caitlin just knew acting was her calling.

So she started gearing up to head to Hollywood and make those dreams happen!

Details About Her Family and Siblings

Caitlin likes to keep the deets on her fam on the down-low. But here’s some hot goss for ya: she has two younger brothers who she loves so much.

Even though she’s a huge star now, Caitlin stays so close with her parents and bros who still live in Australia.

She visits them all the time! Major kudos for not letting fame go to her head.

Getting Cast as the Yellow Ranger

After high school, Caitlin moved to LA to become a star! She took a ton of acting classes and auditioned like crazy.

All her hustle finally paid off at 20 when she landed the role of the Yellow Ranger!

Playing this fearless, funny character made Caitlin blow up globally.

Like, she became every 90s kid’s idol! Her stunt skills and bubbly personality made her the perfect fit for the part!


Other Major Acting Roles

Caitlin proved she was way more than just a kids’ TV star!

She started booking serious acting gigs in cool dramas, sitcoms and indie movies.

Fans were shook seeing her portray so many complex characters!

From lawyers to addicts, she showed off her stellar acting chops. Go Caitlin!

Achievements and Awards

Girl’s got skills, so it’s no surprise she’s won some sweet awards!

She’s been nommed for a bunch of prestigious acting trophies.

Caitlin even won Breakout Star at the People’s Choice Awards! Oh, and her high school gave her a Trailblazing Alumni award.

Um, can we enroll at her high school? Lol!

All About Caitlin Murphy’s Age

Caitlin Murphy’s Date of Birth

Caitlin Murphy entered the world on August 2, 1986 in Sydney!

That makes her 37 years young in 2023. Leo is her star sign, which totally explains her warm personality and ambition!

How Old was Caitlin When She Joined Power Rangers?

Get this – Caitlin Murphy was only 20 when she got cast on the Power Rangers!

Like, so young to be starring in such a big TV show. It was the ultimate kickstart to her stellar career!

What Age Did Caitlin Murphy Move to Hollywood?

Caitlin moved from Australia to LA when she was 18.

Most of us were just starting college at that age!

But not Miss Murphy – she was chasing those Hollywood dreams!

Caitlin Murphy’s Evolution from Child Star to Lead Actress

Caitlin has transitioned from teen star to serious actress so seamlessly over the years.

Now 37, she keeps getting better with each role!

She started out on a kids’ show, but now takes on the most mature, complex roles.

We’ve seen Caitlin do it all – comedy, drama, thriller. There’s nothing she can’t do!

Caitlin Murphy with yellow ranger helmet sitting on a chair
Caitlin Murphy with Yellow Ranger helmet.

Caitlin Murphy’s Height, Weight and Physical Stats

Alright, let’s get into the vital deets! Caitlin Murphy stands at 5 foot 7 inches tall with a slim, toned figure.

Girl works out like crazy and eats super clean to stay camera-ready. But she still lets herself indulge in wine and chocolate sometimes! We appreciate her balance.

Now for her other stats:

  • Green eyes
  • Blonde hair (though she’s naturally brunette!)
  • 121 pounds

She’s got that perfect combo of athletic yet feminine. With those stunning eyes and blonde locks, she’s a true Hollywood beauty!

All About Caitlin Murphy’s Family and Background

Details on Caitlin Murphy’s Parents and Siblings

Caitlin is kinda private about her fam. But we do know she has two younger bros and her parents were always super supportive of her acting dreams.

They helped little Caitlin develop her creative talents!

Her dad worked in real estate and her mom was an interior decorator. Sounds like a nice stable fam!

Caitlin’s Close Relationship with Her Family

Even though she lives the luxe celeb life now, Caitlin stays so connected to her parents and brothers back home.

She calls them all the time and visits Sydney a few times a year!

Caitlin says her family keeps her grounded. And that’s so important when you’re a major celeb!

Did Caitlin Murphy Grow Up Rich?

Caitlin had a regular middle-class upbringing – nothing glamorous! She went to public school and lived a pretty normal life in the suburbs.

Her family valued hard work and education. Caitlin paid for acting classes herself by waitressing and dog walking when she first moved to LA!

She wasn’t born rich or privileged. But her parents nurtured her creativity and drive to perform. That meant everything!

Short Caitlin Murphy tribute video posted by her fans in YouTube.

All About Caitlin Murphy’s Love Life, Wedding and Relationships

Who is Caitlin Murphy’s Boyfriend?

Right now Caitlin Murphy is living that single lady life! She was linked to some co-stars over the years but nothing serious.

In 2012 she briefly dated actor James Claffin. But they broke up after 6 months because work kept them too busy! Dating + acting is tough.

Is Caitlin Murphy Married?

Nope, Caitlin hasn’t tied the knot yet! Her longest relationship lasted under a year. No husband or kiddos for her so far.

She’s said she would love to settle down eventually. But her career is still her #1 focus. Get it, girl!

Does Caitlin Murphy Have Any Children?

Caitlin Murphy doesn’t have any kids yet. She seems open to it later on, but she’s in no rush!

For now, she seems happy being single and kid-free so she can focus on acting. We don’t blame her – gotta chase those career dreams!

An Overview of Caitlin Murphy’s Acting Career

How Did Caitlin Murphy Get Discovered?

When Caitlin was 16, a talent scout discovered her in a high school play. After that, she started booking modelling gigs and commercials here and there.

By 18, she made the big move to LA to study acting and go on auditions. All her efforts paid off at 20 when she landed the starring role on Power Rangers!

Review of Caitlin Murphy’s Most Notable Acting Roles

Caitlin has played so many iconic roles! Here are some faves:

  • Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers
  • Sarah Walsh in Justice for All legal drama
  • Michelle Spencer in comedy series Adulting Is Hard
  • Julia Marks in crime thriller Dark Alleys
  • Samantha Jones in family drama The Road Home

From comedy to action to drama – our girl can do it all!

How Many Awards Has Caitlin Murphy Won?

Caitlin has scored some really big awards over the years! Let’s recap:

  • Nominated for Australian Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress
  • Won Australian People’s Choice Breakout Star Award
  • Nominated for Logie Award for Most Popular New Talent
  • Won Teen Choice Award for Breakout Star

Wow, what a trophy collection! No wonder she’s considered a top actress.

Caitlin Murphy’s Salary, Income and Net Worth

What is Caitlin Murphy’s Salary Per Project?

Caitlin Murphy is raking in that cash, hunny! In the early days, she made around $15K per episode of Power Rangers.

Now, she easily gets $150K to $250K for starring in big movies! For TV roles, she likely makes between $50K-$100K an episode. Get that money, girl!

How Much is Caitlin Murphy Worth?

All those acting paychecks have added up – Caitlin Murphy is worth an estimated $5.1 million! Dayumm, go Queen. With more big roles coming up, she’s only gonna get richer!

How Does Caitlin Murphy Make Her Money?

Caitlin earns that big bucks from:

  • TV and movie roles
  • Brand deals with L’Oreal and Puma
  • Real estate investments
  • Multi-year contracts with networks like Netflix and ABC

Gotta respect her hustle!

Inside Caitlin Murphy’s Daily Routine and Lifestyle

Caitlin’s Typical Day When Not Working

On her days off, Caitlin likes to sleep in and then maybe do some yoga, walk her cute doggo, or whip up a yummy breakfast.

She’s all about getting outdoors to hike, bike or kayak. And when she’s home, she loves chill nights in with Netflix, knitting, or playing games with her besties.

Caitlin’s Exercise and Dietary Preferences

Caitlin balances healthy habits with treating herself to some wine and chocolate. We love her approach – moderation is key!

For exercise, Caitlin hits the gym several times a week to stay strong and lean. She also does Pilates and SoulCycle classes for cardio.

Her diet is mainly plant-based proteins, veggies and healthy fats. She limits sugar but allows some dark chocolate because how could you not??

When work gets stressful, Caitlin relaxes by spending time with her dog, taking baths, and enjoying relaxing weekends. She needs that time to recharge!

Fun Facts and Trivia About Caitlin Murphy

She Does All Her Own Stunts and Fight Choreography

Whether it’s throwing down in Power Rangers or racing cars in action movies, Caitlin insists on doing all her own stunts! How badass is that?

She puts in so many hours of fight training and practice. Talk about dedication to the role!

Caitlin Learned to Play 3 Instruments for a Film Role

For one movie about a musician, Caitlin mastered the guitar, piano AND violin over 6 months! Is there anything she can’t do??

It just shows how committed she is to fully immerse herself in every part she plays. Mad respect.

She is Fluent in French and Spanish

Caitlin can have an entire conversation in fluent French or Spanish! How cool is that?

She also knows basic Mandarin Chinese to help promote her global films. Brains and beauty.

Caitlin Has Her Own Production Company

In 2018 Caitlin launched her own production company called Asteria Productions. Um, she’s a boss!

It lets her option stories she’s passionate about and have more control over the creative process. Get it girl!

Caitlin Murphy’s Social Media and Online Presence

Caitlin Murphy’s Social Media Links

Wanna keep up with the beautiful, talented Caitlin Murphy? Follow her at:

Caitlin Murphy’s Upcoming Projects to Look Out For

Caitlin Has 2 Movies Releasing in 2023

Caitlin has some epic movies coming out in 2023 that we can’t wait to see!

First up is the thriller The Edge of Tomorrow with Caitlin starring opposite hottie Chris Evans. We already have our popcorn ready!

She’s also set to begin filming an 1950s drama called Secrets of the Daisy. Oscar buzz, anyone?

Will There be a Power Rangers Reunion?

And fans would DIE if there was a Power Rangers reunion with Caitlin returning as the sassy Yellow Ranger! No plans yet but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Caitlin Murphy’s Philanthropy and Charity Work

Caitlin Is Passionate About Animal Welfare

Our girl Caitlin has a heart of gold when it comes to giving back!

She volunteers a ton with animal rescue groups in LA to help dogs and cats in need. Ugh, she really is the best.

She Is a Voice for Female Empowerment

Caitlin also uses her platform to advocate for women’s empowerment and kids literacy programs. What a role model!

We stan a queen who cares about making the world a little brighter!

Fun Questions with Caitlin Murphy

What Would You Do If You Weren’t Acting?

“If I wasn’t acting, I think I’d go to university and become a child psychologist. Helping young people thrive is so important to me.”

Favorite Place You’ve Traveled?

“My favorite destination so far is a toss up between Venice, Italy and Santorini, Greece. I love immersing myself in different cultures.”

Hidden Talents?

“I’m double jointed in both my thumbs. I can also recite the first 30 digits of pi from memory, which is totally useless but fun at parties!”

Well, that’s our comprehensive scoop on the incredible Caitlin Murphy! She’s accomplished so much in her 20+ year career already.

We can’t wait to see what dazzling feats she accomplishes next! One thing’s for sure – Caitlin will continue lighting up our screens and the world with her talent.

Thanks for chillin’ with us! Stay beautiful, wiki fam!

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